Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New York, je t'aime

This is just one of the many reasons I love New York City. A city-wide pillow fight - how awesome is that! Even though, unfortunately, I was not here at the time of this year's slumber party-esque event, this video, alone, brings a smile to my face.

Other reasons why I love New York (thus far): sidewalk sales, large quantities of pizza, the life and energy of the city, having something to do every day/night if you so choose, the sense of community, flowers at every corner street market, and, lastly - the subway. Everything about the subway - the music, the people watching, the accessibility, even the guys who come on with their long speeches, asking for money and suckering all the tourists.  

New York - I will miss you when I'm gone, but this is not the end of our relationship. It is merely the beginning of our heated love affair.  


Video also {here}

Update: So, apparently a lot of big cities have massive pillow fights, Los Angeles included! I'm SO there next year! Thanks Marissa for telling me about that! To New York - I still think you're special, and I still love you all the same.


Marissa said...

We've got that here too!:

Nessa Elli said...

we tried doing that at Chico State once, but it was a sad failure compared to this!