Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy fourth

What is everyone doing this weekend for the 4th of July? My only plans for the holiday weekend so far are panning out to look like a nice, traditional fourth. BBQ in the afternoon followed by fireworks out by the Hudson River and then, just hanging out with friends until the grandma in me kicks in and tells me I'm tired, and it's time for bed.  

I'm most excited for the fireworks part of the day. I absolutely love fireworks!  I feel like a little kid again whenever I watch them - mouth agape and eyes open wide in fascination.  I think fireworks are magical.  I especially love the ones that fill the entire sky with what looks like gold glitter.  Also, I must say I enjoy the ones that don't necessarily look like fireworks, but instead look like a Mickey Mouse face, or a smiley face, or the ones above, which kind of look like flowers popping out of the ground, etc. 

Have a happy, happy 4th of July, everyone!  And, please be safe!


{Photo one, two and three}

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