Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wine for thought

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped in a local market to pick something up for work when I saw some some of the best wine label design ever. The wine was called Bear Flag, from good ole Modesto, California. And, the illustrator who did labels for them is Eduardo Bertone. I'm more of a minimalist artist, myself, but in this case, I love all that's going on on the label and everything there is to get lost in.

Although I didn't buy a bottle today, I'm seriously considering getting one for "The Bachelorette" night this coming Monday. However, I must admit I'm nervous for two reasons. 1) I'm so intrigued and excited by the label, I'm just hoping the taste of the wine is as good as its appearance and not a let down. 2) It's a twist-off cap. That right there would normally steer me away. I feel like all true, good wine should come packaged with a cork. Though I do appreciate the efforts at making wine easier to open.

Enough with my rambling, though. I'll try the wine next week. Give it a shot. And, will report back. In the meantime, check out Bear Flag's Web site. More coolness to look at there.

First pic found via {
Hire an illustrator!}

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A new Amy

I've been feeling the urge lately to transform some areas of my life. So far, the list includes, but is not limited to: getting in shape (aren't we all?), cooking most of my own meals, doing something meaningful for others and unearthing the ignored artist in me.

The first thing I've been trying to slowly tackle is the cooking part, and {Smitten Kitchen} has been a major influence and motivator for me. In fact, just last weekend I attempted the delicious-looking baked french toast.

Sadly, my quest was not very successful my first time around. But, I'm determined to try again and get it right next time. I also want to try these homemade pop tarts. How fun (and yummy) would these be?!

Quick thought

Oh, how I wish L.A. had a popbar.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little somethin, somethin

I'm happy to report my place is aaalmost done being decorated! I've bought everything my heart desires for now. Just need to find the time to (carefully) throw it all on the walls.

On a side note, though, I'm absolutely loving this photograph over at {Color Me Katie}.

I imagine myself and the beau at a party or art show or something, sneaking around in this jungle of lights to steal a kiss away from the crowd.