Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wine for thought

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped in a local market to pick something up for work when I saw some some of the best wine label design ever. The wine was called Bear Flag, from good ole Modesto, California. And, the illustrator who did labels for them is Eduardo Bertone. I'm more of a minimalist artist, myself, but in this case, I love all that's going on on the label and everything there is to get lost in.

Although I didn't buy a bottle today, I'm seriously considering getting one for "The Bachelorette" night this coming Monday. However, I must admit I'm nervous for two reasons. 1) I'm so intrigued and excited by the label, I'm just hoping the taste of the wine is as good as its appearance and not a let down. 2) It's a twist-off cap. That right there would normally steer me away. I feel like all true, good wine should come packaged with a cork. Though I do appreciate the efforts at making wine easier to open.

Enough with my rambling, though. I'll try the wine next week. Give it a shot. And, will report back. In the meantime, check out Bear Flag's Web site. More coolness to look at there.

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Becky said...

Random...but I saw you posted on DLF about getting a stylus. I don't know if Bri got back to you on that or not, but I have one and I LOVE IT. I am almost positive she uses one because no one would have time to scan that in all the time to add on the photos. Mine is just the Bamboo. nothing fancy...takes getting used to, but she's a gem.