Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cuteness captured

I have almost always had a pet. When it wasn't a dog, it was a fish. And, contrary to what some of you may think, my fish - Webster - was one of the best, most charismatic pets I've ever had. Although Webster passed away last summer and I've gotten a new fish since then, something is still lacking. I've never really considered a rat as a pet. But, after looking at Jessica Florence's photos on Flickr, I'm thinking they could actually be a really fun pet to have. Here are some samples of her work, but be sure to take a look at her photostream. Her pictures are absolutely adorable.


Nessa Elli said...

i've had a few pet rats. i learned that a rat is not a hamster. i know that sounds obvious, but rats are actually very intelligent creatures who need a lot of attention, activity, and space. i had a small cage for mine, and i felt really bad because my rat was obviously not happy.

Amy Nicole said...

I remember one of your pet rats! Do they ever bite??

Nessa Elli said...

no, only if they think you are food--like if you stick your finger in the cage or something. but even then, it doesn't hurt.

however, they will nibble through clothing. once a pillow was near my rat's cage, and she managed to chew a huge hole through the fabric. they really like their cotton, haha.