Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy pillows

Sorry for being so late with the posting tonight!  I just got home from a very long day at work.  Although, luckily, it was followed up by a fun movie screening of Dog Day Afternoon in Bryant Park.  I realized that movies in the park make me very happy.  They're so relaxing.  You know what also makes me happy though?  These pillows from designer Jonathan Adler.  Who wouldn't want a pillow with "hugs" on it?    

I especially adore this one pillow from Adler that's covered with happy thoughts. I would love to walk into my room and see that on my bed every day. It makes me smile. If you could have a personalized pillow with things that brighten your day stitched on it, what would your pillow say? Mine would have: hugs, love, puppies, tulips, Webster (my fish - R.I.P), massages, brie, baths, stars (in the sky, not the famous kind), friends and fireworks.  

Photo one via {decor8} and two via {kellylovesmiso}


Nessa Elli said...

hmmm....mine would say:

memories, smiles, watermelon, love, words, laughter, technicolor, acceptance, trees, harmony.


Marissa said...

Mine would say "brie" too!

Amy said...

Ooooo I love your list, Vee! Laughter would be on mine too now haha.