Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday smiles

Two things that made my Monday:

1. Heart-shaped ice cubes. They make my glasses of water and iced tea so much happier.   

2.  This rainbow-colored street in Seattle.  Those have got to be some cool people living there!

This weekend went by especially fast for some reason. I longed for just 24 more hours until Monday morning. Although I was not granted that additional weekend time, I must say that these two things made my Monday a little brighter than usual.  What things made your Monday better?   

Photo {one}, {two} and {three}


mustng0sally said...

I've always wanted a brightly painted house ever since I was a little kid. Now I can add Seattle to my list of places I can move to in order to achieve this dream!

Amy Nicole said...

Did I say Seattle? Oh, I meant Orange County. So, basically, you should just stay in Orange County haha

Amy said...

I totally love the heart shaped ice cubes.. where'd you get the tray? I saw your comment on a Cup of Jo, and wanted to pop over to your blog, since my name is Amy Nicole too! and I live in NYC! - Amy

Amy Nicole said...

Amy - thanks for stopping by! I don't know where exactly my roommates got them, but I saw the same trays we have at Target believe it or not! They were in the dollar aisle around Valentine's Day. so cute!