Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let them eat cake!

I want to celebrate the birth of my blog. But, what's a celebration without a cake? I found this recipe for a rainbow cake. And, after seeing the deliciousness of it, I knew I had to make it immediately. Luckily, my friend Cara's birthday was coming up - giving me a great reason to bake a cake (I don't think PMS would be reason enough to make an entire cake just for myself, ya know). 

I documented my baking adventure for you. Though I may not be making a cameo on Ace of Cakes any time soon, I must give myself a pat on the back. The cake was delicious, but not just that - it was so fun just to look at! I encourage you all to channel your inner bakers and give it a whirl. If you don't have any reason to make a cake, I would welcome any "congratulations on your new blog" cakes!

Here's the ingredients you'll need. Any white cake mix will do the trick. I'd recommend getting the gel food coloring though because the colors are more vibrant.

Make the cake just as the instructions on the box tell you to. The only difference really is that you'll divide the batter up into six bowls and mix each with a different color.  

Layer each color. Do one pan from red to purple and the other pan from purple working your way up to red. Don't mix the colors at all; just do one layer right on top of the other. They'll spread themselves out in the pan.

After they're done baking in the oven, stack the cakes, frost and marvel at your beautiful creation! Then, dig in and enjoy!

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Nessa Elli said...

oh my gosh, that is so cool! i want to make one now! preeeetty!