Thursday, November 12, 2009

Found typography

I have a bad habit of getting overly excited for things far off in the future.  For example, this past June, I started getting pumped for Christmas and have been humming holiday carols in my head ever since.  Now that Christmas is basically just around the corner, new anticipations have taken hold of my mind and heart.  

Most of all, I'm anxious to find myself a real job and move closer to Los Angeles, which is where I always saw myself ending up if I stayed in California.  But, until that day comes, I'm enjoying visiting Santa Monica, Venice Beach and other fun areas of L.A. County.  Here is a beautiful wall I strolled by in Santa Monica last week.  I don't exactly understand the purpose it serves; it just goes to show that not everything has to have a rhyme or reason.  Some things are just purely lovely.  

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Abi said...

cool :) nice blog!