Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hidden treasures

I hope you all had a fun weekend and a good Monday.  I officially finished my second Chelsea Handler read and am moving on to my second attempt at reading the entire Harry Potter series.   

With books on the mind lately, I've really been in the mood to go to a used bookstore.  I love the history behind secondhand books - the wear and tear of the pages and the things you sometimes find hidden inside.  

However, until I can make it out to one of the local bookstores, the Web site "Forgotten Bookmarks" has been keeping me pretty satisfied.  It documents little treasures left behind in old books, and I think it's absolutely lovely.  What do you all use as bookmarks?  I tend to switch it up, but currently tucked away in my book is an advertisement for a local musician I saw recently.  I hope you all enjoy seeing what other people have tucked away in their reads.  

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