Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fred Flare steals my heart

Something bad happened the other night.  I don't remember the exact course of events, but, somehow, I stumbled upon the Web site for an amazing store in Brooklyn, New York.  Immediately upon perusing the shop, I became so very thankful that I no longer live in Brooklyn because if I did, I would be dropping so much cash on goodies from this store.

They have such awesomely funny and one-of-kind products like Rubik's cube peppper grinders. 

Magnets that look like pre-chewed gum.

Quirky band-aides.

Even flowers in a can, which I saw while touring Europe.  I was kicking myself for not buying one in Amsterdam, but it looks like I now have another chance!

An array of really fun USB drives.

And, even the cheeseburger phone from the movie "Juno."

Seriously, I could create my entire Christmas wish list from this one store.  What I need to do, instead, is stop looking at the Web site!

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