Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chalk makes a comeback

Hi everyone!  I'm so so sorry for the long run of postless days and even more sorry that I did not give you forewarning.  I just moved back down to Southern California and into a new apartment with my best friend.  It feels good to be back, but I still miss New York from time to time.  Back to the real world though!  

Although my main focus right now is looking for a job, a lot of my attention, of course, is being hogged with thoughts of furniture arrangement, color schemes and wall decor ideas.  With so much interior design on the brain, I thought I'd share with you my latest obsession: chalk.  

Indeed, that thing I'd doodle on sidewalks with has circled back around.  Only this time I want to paint on more than just the ground.  Here are some fun ways to use chalkboard paint:  

Chalkboard walls:

Wine glasses:

Calendars to keep schedule:

To remember recipes:

To create pieces of art:

To record inspirational quotes:


KitchAnn said...

Great Pictures! The new colored chalkboard paints are a great choice for below a chair rail in a child's play area.

Nessa Elli said...

i would LOVE chalkboard walls. anytime i was inspired, i would write it all out.

my favorite restaurant in portland has a bathroom with chalkboard walls. it is really interesting to see what everyone writes and draws on it.