Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dorm done right

It's that time of year again: back-to-school.  It feels so weird to not be making runs to Staples or Office Depot, buying up all their Ballpoint pens and decorative notebooks.  It feels weird to not be registering for classes and praying I get the schedule I want.  And, it feels weird to not be planning my first-day-of-school outfit (yes, I did that even as a senior).  

As students at my alma mater moved into the dorms yesterday, I'm sure many of them were facing one of the biggest challenges in their life to date: decorating and organizing their sardine can-sized room.  If you never had to experience such joy, let me tell you - making use of such a small space and making it feel like home is a tough task.  But, this guy below sure knows how to do it right.  I must say - I'm quite impressed.

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Susan Terese said...

it's sooo homey! i love it :)