Friday, August 7, 2009

Blast from the past

Well, folks, next time you hear from me I will no longer be a resident of New York, but, instead, will be back in Sunny California. And, in just a week and a half, I'll be back in "the OC." I'm looking forward to moving into a new apartment and having a fresh space to decorate. Although I already have all the furniture I need, these pieces from Jellio are so fun! I would actually want to buy a gummy bear lamp, but too bad they're over one hundred dollars! A girl can still dream, I suppose...

Have a spectacular weekend, everyone!  


1 comment:

Shanna Suburbia said...

Those giant Rubix cubes are amazing!! I was never patient enough to learn how to solve but they look great. Goes perfectly with the giant gummy bears. Do those light up, by any chance?