Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorating dilemmas

It's amazing how different moving was when I was in school compared to now when I'm working. During school, I'd move into a new place and have all day and night to unpack and get settled. Now, I get home from work, exhausted after the long day, and want to do anything besides cleaning and organizing.

Luckily, now, the unpacking part is finally done and I've moved on to the fun side of moving - redecorating. However, for some reason, this time I've found decorating to be more stressful than anything else. I can't decide on what direction to go with for my new place. I want it to be more mature-looking than my apartments have been in the past. I want it to look like the pictures from Living, Etc. magazine (new favorite read from the UK). But, I can't quite focus and get there. Sigh...

This is my ideal. A muted palette with accent colors. A clean, pulled together look.

This isn't my favorite but I do love how there's no real standout direction for the room, yet it still all looks cohesive. This is what I'm struggling with right now.

I really want to do a photo wall, but am a little intimidated if I could pull it off and be 100 percent happy with it...

Looooving this fabric wall. It's an ingenius alternative to wallpaper. I just wish I had more wall space in my studio; I would totally do this if so.

Lastly, the feel of this room is what I'm striving for in my home. It's so cozy and warm. I also adore all the different textures used. I'm trying to do this with pillows, throws and with my bed's duvet cover.

We'll see how it all turns out. Wish me luck!

P.S. All images are from {the gallery over at Living, Etc.}

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mustng0sally said...

Do a good job, because I expect things to look wonderful when I come visit. haha

Seriously, I need to come see you. I miss my Amy!