Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toddler photographers

My first nephew turns 2 this weekend.  I can't believe how time flies!  I love watching him grow up, seeing how his interests and behaviors change with age.  Right now, he is loving all things cars, playing with cell phones and taking pictures.  

Photography taken by little kids is so interesting to look at.  I enjoy seeing things from a different angle and eye level.  And, it baffles me when some children actually understand, to some degree, what makes a good picture.  Take for instance, a little girl named Adie.  Adie is five years old and owns a Polaroid camera.  Her mom created a blog to keep record of Adie's photography.  The girl has some real talent.  I'm excited to see how she grows in her art.

P.S. (Here's her pictures from 2008 too!)  

Also, here's a couple of my nephew's photos just for fun.  

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